The Brit Milah


My name is Stephanie Langsam and I am a practicing OB/GYN on the Main Line.  The brit milah is the covenant between your newborn son and God.  I am honored to share this joyous moment in your lives!  As a physician, I perform this momentous ritual in the most gentile and caring way.  


I perform the ritual circumcision with anesthesia, so the infant is as comfortable as possible.  The technique is performed under safe and sterile conditions, providing reassurance to parents and relatives.  


Information about the procedure and the ceremony is provided on this website, and I can't wait to participate in one of the biggest days of your family's life!


My name is Stephanie Langsam and I currently practice obstetrics and gynecology on the Main Line.  I have performed many circumcisions throughout my career.  

I completed medical school in Haifa, Israel at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. I returned to Pennsylvania to complete my residency at Lankenau Medical Center and now practice full-time at Main Line Health.


I am certified as a mohelet through the National Organization of American Mohelim.


Combining my love of medicine and OB/GYN with my deep devotion of Judaism provides me with unique experiences to create the most special of brit milah ceremonies.


Male circumcision are a safe procedure with many health benefits.  Those benefits include reduction in sexually transmitted infections, especially HIV, and improvement in hygiene.  The American Academy of Pediatrics endorses male circumcision.